Video 13 Dec, 2018

Better buildings for the future

Erik Ubels, CTO at EDGE Technologies, sits down with Vecos to discuss the role of technology in buildings. Drawing from his experience as CTO of Deloitte and realising The Edge, the world's leading example in office buildings, Erik and the EDGE Technologies team are implementing ideas on data analytics and machine learning platforms to create better buildings for the future.

About EDGE Technologies

Launched by real estate pioneer and OVG Real Estate CEO Coen van Oostrom, EDGE Technologies is a technology company that develops and operates a new generation of buildings that actively contribute to the health of people and the world. EDGE Technologies meticulously captures and aggregates data across its properties in order to measure and optimize both the user experience and the building’s environmental performance. In doing so, EDGE launches a product that will digitally reinvent the modern workplace as a driving force for well-being, sustainability and innovation.

In April, 2019 the EDGE Olympic building realized by EDGE Technologies, has received WELL™ Core & Shell Platinum Certification for its positive impacts on human health and wellbeing. The building is the first in the Netherlands to achieve the highest WELL™ Certification.

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