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Choosing the best locker system for activity-based workplaces

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Dynamic working is empowering people to be time and place independent and is causing a revolution in workplace design. With successful Activity Based Working concepts leading the way, workplace satisfaction has proven to increase dramatically. Instrumental to a successful dynamic working implementation is storage. Releasing people from the anchor of a specific place, dynamic storage is the enabler of workplace freedom.

This article quickly highlights some of the most effective locker systems available that truly optimize usage of space and suit different storage needs.

Activity-based workplaces need dynamic storage

Being a key enabler of dynamic working, storage has taken a spotlight in workplace design. By centralizing storage around the workplace, cabinets form an integral part of the overall design. Designers, facility managers or even technology managers, need to carefully choose the best solutions that fit their workplace strategy concept and enable their employees to benefit and enjoy their workplace the way it was intended.
One thing that needs to be taken into consideration, is that dynamic working goes hand in hand with dynamic storage. We highlight here below the smart locker management system which we believe is the most effective, future-proof and flexible solution that one can take into consideration when designing or moving towards a flex office.

Smart locker systems is one of the important drivers for change within activity-based workplaces Smart locker systems is one of the important drivers for change within activity-based workplaces

Dynamic storage = smart locker management system

Employees working in activity-based, open workplaces use the office for shorter periods of time, or functionally – based on the agenda of the day, leaving offices vacant or unused most of the time. One important aspect herein, is the ability for the employees to use the workplace dynamically – this being directly related to the freedom to get storage space when and where required.

Smart locker systems is one of the important drivers for change within activity-based workplaces. Smart locker management software provides data on how to continuously optimize the storage space by giving insights in the usage of storage. This data management software is the platform on which smart lockers within offices or smart buildings can be easily managed and monitored. Furthermore, the system can be used to coach people on how to use storage by sending them automated notifications to their smartphones.

By choosing the right smart locker solution, facility managers can make sure that workplaces are able to adapt to the needs of flexible working habits of employees and ease their workdays. Based on the data provided by a smart locker management system, active use of working and storage spaces is monitored leading to a continuous workplace optimization.

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