Blog 31 May 2018 3 min. reading time

Payment for school locker is now automated

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It is now possible for parents or students to pay for a school locker from home via a website. The school no longer needs to maintain records on locker costs.

Automated payment for school lockers has been made possible through the collaboration between and Vecos. Both partners’ systems have been integrated. Just like the hassle with locker keys, the issues with payments for deposits and locker rent have now become a thing of the past.

Echnaton, a Dutch school for secondary education, is the first school where the feature has been made available. Students are able to pay for a locker via After the online payment is completed, their school cards or smartphones are activated in Releezme, the locker system by Vecos.

Huureenkluisje collects the payments on behalf of the school and then transfers a total amount. The website transparently shows who has paid and who has not. At a glance, the school can see the locker rent revenue and the possibly outstanding amount for the deposit.

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