The #1 locker-system for smart buildings

The smart locker that connects with any building management system

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Ready now and in the future

The Vecos locker management system seamlessly fits into a connected agile or activity-based workplace with integrated services. The self-service smart locker system collects data based on locker usage and adapts to its users’ requirements. Use the app or integrate the locker operation into your smart building management system.

Smart build­ing technology
Configurable with any workplace application or intelligent building management system
Cloud-based solu­tion
Users manage the lockers themselves with an app on their smartphone
Data & usage insights
Continuous workplace optimisation based on the data provided
Safe and easy
Privacy-protected dynamic locker allocation and adjustments
When employees move around the office more often, this creates new logistical challenges.

Our solution

The agile and smart workplace is centred around its employees and their well-being. Optimise your ideal work environment using the Vecos smart locker system’s flexibility and features. Enable any preferred way of working, from dynamic and activity-based to open office workplaces. Tailor personal storage space to the existing demand. Moreover, as a true smart building system, our locker system seamlessly integrates with cloud-based office platforms such as Mapiq.

Erik Ubels
Erik Ubels, CTO EDGE Technologies
Tech­nol­o­gy will play a huge role into mak­ing bet­ter build­ings. Based on the data we col­lect from all the dif­fer­ent sys­tems includ­ing lock­ers, we can under­stand how a build­ing is being used and how we can improve the user experience.”
Erik Ubels, CTO EDGE Technologies

Our references

Smart build­ing stor­age solu­tions cre­at­ed for our customers


The #1 locker system

Vecos has been delivering customised locker solutions for over 20 years. Today, there are more than 500,000 Vecos smart lockers in use. We combine that experience with our passion for innovation and technology, to build the best locker management system in the world.

Smart building storage solutions created for our customers
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